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Earn Reliable Income as a Writer at Ampifire – Remote Job

If you are a Writer looking for a steady and reliable income while working remotely from home, then this opportunity with Ampifire is for you. Working as a writer with Ampifire offers numerous compelling reasons for you to seize this chance.

Ampifire assists small businesses in competing with large corporations for online exposure by publishing content about their clients on some of the biggest sites online. They have been remarkably successful in this endeavor, and as more companies express interest in working with them, there is a growing need to publish additional content. This is where your help comes in – you’ll be responsible for crafting company announcements and describing their products for Ampifire’s clients.


  • Writers


  • $800-$2000/monthly


  • Remotely (Work From Home)

Job Schedule

  • Full time/ Part Time

Responsibilities and Duties

As successful applicants, you will be responsible for writing product descriptions and company announcements for Ampifire clients.


Interested applicants are expected to fulfill the following criteria:

1. Demonstrate the ability to write in an easy-to-understand, smooth-flowing style.

2. Ensure that your writing is free from spelling or grammatical errors.

3. Consistently meet deadlines that you commit to.

4. Display a willingness to collaborate with editors and receive constructive feedback, particularly in the early stages.

5. Exhibit the capability to adjust your writing style between casual and formal tones.

6. Be prepared to be an integral part of a welcoming and supportive team of fellow writers.

7. Experience in writing press releases or online content is beneficial, though not essential.


1. Awesome Side Income: Most Ampifire writers earn between $800-$2000/month working part-time. Working at a moderate pace, that’s over $18/h. And some of their writers are able to make as much as $30/h. Great side income opportunities for you.

2. Flexibility: Ampifire don’t have any expectations for the amount of work you’ll do. It’s 100% up to you. This is perfect if you need extra income but you have other things going on besides this job. And you can do the job at any time that’s convenient for you. Set your own hours and work at your own pace.

3. Stability: There will always be more work available if you want it.

4. Get the Training You Need: Ampifire do expect your English to be bulletproof. And you’ll need some writing chops to get this job. But outside of that, they will provide all the training that you need. Not only will you earn an excellent income, but you will also get marketable skills that you will be using throughout your life.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are required to fill out the application form on the official website. CLICK HERE to visit the website and learn about what to expect from the hiring process, as well as more details about the job.

Application Deadline

Not Specified