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Canadian Visa Sponsorship Global Talent Stream for Java Developer (Job Vacancy)

If your wish as a developer is to move to Canada in 2024, then this opportunity from DevStaff is for you. DevStaff, a company in Canada, is seeking to fund the relocation of many Java Developers to Canada in 2024. Due to the shortage of skilled technical workers, there are plenty of career opportunities available. DevStaff is specifically looking for individuals with extensive technical knowledge and exceptional proficiency in the English language to join their team in Canada.

DevStaff Canada is part of the Venuiti Group of Companies. Established in 2001 as a technology business, DevStaff Canada understands the challenges of finding competent engineers, leading to its founding as a technical staffing company. Recognizing the importance of quality in the development process, DevStaff Canada is actively searching for the best applicants.


  • Java Developer


  • $90,000 Anually


  • Canada

Job Schedule

  • Full-time, Permanent

Responsibilities and Duties

As a Developer at DevStaff Canada, your responsibilities will include:

1. Collaborating with cross-functional teams to conceive, design, and launch new features.

2. Participating in technical discussions and providing creative solutions.

3. Timely analysis and resolution of technical issues.

4. Staying updated on industry changes and innovations to ensure continuous adherence to best practices.


1. Excellent English proficiency.

2. 8+ years of JAVA development experience is required (a technical interview and exam will be conducted).

3. Experience in the finance or healthcare areas is preferred.


– Competitive annual salary of $90,000.00.

– Full-time and permanent position.

– Comprehensive assistance throughout the immigration procedure.

– Opportunities for employment in the finance or healthcare industries.

– Inclusive and varied workplace – an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging diversity of opinion, culture, and background.

– Promotion of work-life balance and employee well-being.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should note that the immigration application procedure to Canada is not short; it will require several months and numerous rounds of interviews and applications. The Venuiti team will be available to you at any point during this process if you require support, advice, help, or anything else. They are familiar with this process, having gone through it several times.

The process will approximately look as follows, and you will only advance through each step upon the successful completion of the previous step:

Step 1: After receiving your application, we will conduct interviews, language assessments, and technical assessments. If successful, you will receive a job offer from Venuiti.

Step 2: As soon as you sign your contract, Venuiti will apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is a government document that every employer needs to fill out before hiring a foreign worker.

Step 3: Collect your documents to submit to your local Canadian Embassy. From here, you will receive your Visa to come to Canada.

Step 4: Arrival in Canada!

If you’re interested in applying, please CLICK HERE to visit the official website and submit your resume to begin the process!

Venuiti believes in universal acceptance for everyone everywhere. They promote diversity of thought, culture, and background, which connects the entire Venuiti family. As such, Venuiti is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, and applications from overseas applicants are accepted.

Required Documents

– Resume/CV

– Cover letter

Application Deadline

Not specified.