John H. Moss Scholarships for International Students at the University of Toronto – CANADA 2024/2025

Applications are currently being accepted for the John H. Moss Scholarships at the University of Toronto. The John H. Moss Scholarship is presented to exceptional undergraduate students in the Arts and Science programs at the University of Toronto across its various campuses (St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough). This scholarship is designed to support those who plan to pursue a second degree or graduate studies. It highlights and rewards their outstanding academic performance and active involvement in extracurricular activities.
In the event that a candidate is interviewed as a Moss finalist but is not chosen as the Moss Scholar, they will be recognized as UTAA Scholars. These individuals will receive an honorarium and a certificate in acknowledgment of their accomplishments.


  • Undergraduate


  • Arts and Science

Targeted Countries

  • International students


  • Canada

Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarship

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must meet the following:

1. The scholarship is open to all nationalities, including Canada Citizens.
2. Candidate must be an undergraduate from the faculty of Arts or Science at the university of Toronto.
3. Candidate must possess minimum grade point average of 3.3 (B+)
4. Candidate should be able to demonstrate outstanding extra-curricular leadership and academic performance.
5. Candidate should be in his / her final year, and intending to pursue a second degree or studies at the graduate level.

Selection Criteria

One scholarship will be awarded to a superior all-round student graduating with an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto.
The Selection Committee will give special consideration to:
1. Overall demonstrated leadership beyond academic work
2. Outstanding academic achievement
3. Contributions and demonstrated impact both within the University and to the community outside of the University and
4. College involvement and involvement in university activities.

The Selection Committee will place equal importance on:
1. The candidate’s dedication to enhancing the student experience of his/her peers through involvement in and contribution to a variety of aspects of university life
2. The candidate’s commitment to community outreach and involvement, as demonstrated by extracurricular activities outside of the University

Benefits of the John H. Moss Scholarship

The John H. Moss Scholarship will provide its scholars with benefit Up to $16,650. (The scholarship has a base value of $11,100, with an additional amount of up to $5,550, based on program fees.)
Please Note
1. If a student who has been named a John H. Moss Scholar fails to enroll in an officially recognized graduate or second-degree program within the specified timeframes mentioned earlier, they will not receive any financial award. However, their name will still be maintained in the records as the scholarship recipient for the designated year.

2. If a student designated as a John H. Moss Scholar obtains additional scholarships or awards that come with a condition limiting the total scholarship amount they can receive, the receipt of the John H. Moss Scholarship will be postponed for a year. The final release of the Moss Scholarship funds is dependent on the Moss Scholar’s ongoing studies at a recognized post-secondary institution. The interest earned on the deferred award will continue to be a part of the fund used to generate the scholarship.

3. If a third-year student is granted the award but doesn’t enroll in a graduate or second-degree program and instead immediately begins their fourth undergraduate year within the Faculty of Arts and Science, the scholarship funds will be temporarily put on hold. They will remain in abeyance until the student completes registration in an accredited graduate or second-degree program, no later than October 1 in the second calendar year following the year of the award.

4. If the designated Moss Scholar selects a graduate or second-degree program that mandates the completion of a work term or apprenticeship as an admission requirement, the scholarship will be deferred. This deferral will occur once the scholar receives a conditional offer of admission or a statement from the admitting registrar, confirming the admission requirements and the duration of the apprenticeship or work term. This documentation must be provided no later than October 1 in the calendar year following the award. The scholarship funds will be disbursed once proof of registration in the graduate or second-degree program is presented.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

Kindly Submit Application and Supporting Documents with a subject line “2024 John H. Moss Scholarship” via email at [email protected]
No hardcopy will be accepted.
For further information about the scholarship application process, kindly CLICK HERE to visit the official webpage.

Required Documents

1. Completed Application Form
2. Detailed Curriculum Vitae
3. Statement of 300-800 words on your future academic and career goals
4. Letters of Recommendation

Scholarship Deadline

1st December, 2023 (5:00pm EST)