2024/25 University of Bologna International Scholarships for International Students —Fully Funded

The University of Bologna is offering 80 new scholarships to deserving international students who intend to enroll in first, second and single-cycle degree programmes in a.y 2024/25.

The origins of the University of Bologna go way back, and it is considered to be the oldest university in the Western world. Its history is intertwined with that of the great names of science and literature, it is a keystone and a point of reference for European culture.

The University of Bologna is made up of 31 Departments; there are also 7 Interdepartmental Research Centres and 11 interdepartmental research and/or training facilities. 98 libraries and facilities provide bibliographic and documentary services to support education as well as teaching, research, professional and cultural activities. The University Museum Network comprises 15 Museums and Collections dedicated to various disciplines. 96,984 students have chosen the University of Bologna (2022/23 a.y.), including 8,526 international students. A total of 1,036,109.13 square metres are allocated to curricular and extracurricular activities in the following locations: Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini. 3,250 international students took part in exchange programmes and 3,604 University of Bologna students spent a period of study abroad in 2022/23 a.y.


Bachelor Degree

Master’s Degree

Targeted Countries

International students




Same as programme

Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarship

  • Qualification: You have obtained, or are in the process of obtaining, a qualification belonging to a non-Italian education system, valid for access to your chosen programme. Students with Italian high school qualifications obtained in Italian schools abroad may also apply;
  • Merit: you will have taken one of the following international tests by the deadline for application:
    • if you want to enroll in first- or single-cycle degree programmes, the SAT test
    • if you want to enroll in second-cycle degree programmes, the GRE test
    • SAT and GRE are aptitude and skills assessment tests that can be taken in affiliated centres in various countries around the world or online (if offered by the organisation in charge). You must register for the tests through the websites of the organisations in charge. SAT and GRE tests are held in English.
    • Financial status: you have an ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) of between €16.000 and €35.000 or equivalent financial status, if you cannot submit an ISEE certificate because your family has income outside Italy.
    • Age:  You must not be older than 30 years on the closing date of the call for applications.

Benefits of the Scholarship

Scholarships are worth €4,500 gross and include full exemption of tuition fees.


Read the information on the documentation to certify your family’s economic situation. Check and prepare the required documents in good time because you will have to submit them before the deadline and it can take several weeks to obtain them.

Detailed information will be available in the calls for applications. The calls for applications may provide for grants intended for geographic and subject areas.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

Interested and qualified students should kindly CLICK HERE to learn more about the scholarship and the application process

Application Deadline

31st May, 2024 (12:00 CEST)

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