Work Remotely as a Backend Engineer.


€70k – €85k

Job Type

Full time


Uk and Europe

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you will take ownership of certain areas of our software and work on building new features, performing QA and testing, and improve application performance and stability. You will work with NodeJS, MongoDB, and Redis to develop and maintain our data pipeline, enabling users to use their data with integrations of major third-party platforms like Facebook, Google, and Zapier. In addition, you will enhance the integration part of our app, which is all about integrating our app into our users’ existing workflow, connecting Funnels to apps like CRMs, analytics tools, and others to transfer and share data, help users process and nurture leads, and collaborate throughout the app. You will also exchange knowledge or learnings with other developers, and collaborate closely with your peers while still being autonomous. Finally, you will receive direct feedback from customers to build features that align closely with their needs.


Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Develop new features and improvements in a secure, well-tested, and performant way
  • Take ownership of key parts of the software and develop concepts, advocate for improvements
  • Collaborate in cross-functional teams throughout the company to build solutions for opportunities and challenges
  • Continuously improve our features by hardening the system through documentation and refinements
  • Take part in recurring team meetings and be a proactive member of your team, collaborate in our cross-function teams
  • Brainstorm, evaluate, and select new initiatives with the most impact towards the company’s goals
  • Build and maintain monitoring, logging, and alerting systems to ensure the health of our services
  • Establish and maintain best practices for deployment, scaling, and configuration
  • Ensure the reliability and scalability of our infrastructure
  • Collaborate with other teams to optimize our database performance and ensure the security of our data


Eligibility Requirements 

  • You are intrinsically motivated for owning, analysing and improving core backend parts of a SaaS product
  • You have a strong problem solving mindset
  • You are good at managing projects and interests from various stakeholders as well as finishing projects on time
  • You have a birds-eye-view to recognise business critical bottlenecks and enjoy participating proactively within the whole company
  • You are capable to program in Node.js and Typescript
  • You have experience in production and continuous development of an API
  • You have experience working with SOLID, DRY and KISS
  • You have already worked with MongoDB in a professional production environment
  • You have a general understanding of different API systems like Rest API
  • You are fluent in English both written and verbal (knowledge of the German language is a plus)



  • Remote & Freedom | We strongly believe that every work environment needs to be ideal and fitted to the person. For this very reason, all our team members work remotely – in their own much needed way. That’s how we can ensure that all our talents have much freedom to create the best results possible.
  • Responsibility, Ownership & Impact | At Perspective, all our team members have a voice. We value every opinion and encourage all to speak their mind. Only with team effort, we can create something great. We believe in our team and therefore, give them much responsibility. Even if we fail, we learn from it, get back up and continue to succeed. It is part of the game and we know it.
  • Personal & Professional Growth | Your development is our priority. With our intensive onboarding, feedback talks and trainings, we foster your personal and professional development. One of our core value is “Keep Growing” which we portray in everything we do.
  • Best Equipment & Remote Budget | Our company is build on the USP of quality and we want to keep it that way. To keep up the quality, we only provide the best equipment to our team: For example, every new team member receives an Apple MacBook Pro for their work and a monthly remote working budget.
  • Team Events | We know working solely remotely can make it difficult to build a strong team spirit. However, at Perspective we focus deeply on team building by hosting various team events throughout the year. We understand the need of interaction face-to-face and strongly encourage it.
  • Cordial & passionate team | Last, but not least, we are the most cordial team you can imagine. We love working together, respect each other and always value each others opinions. We care deeply about our team members and are always down for a good virtual after work hangout.


Application Process

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