Study in the US for Free – Berea College.

Located in the heart of Kentucky, Berea College has a long history of academic excellence and a strong commitment to interracial and intercultural education. As a pioneer in providing higher education to students from all over the world, Berea College offers international students an exceptional opportunity to be part of a vibrant global community.


Why Berea College?


  • 100% funding for international students: Berea College is the only institution in the United States that provides full funding to all enrolled international students for their first year.
  • Diverse student body: With students from over 70 countries and 40 US states, Berea College offers a unique cultural experience.
  • Academic excellence: Berea College is renowned for its academic rigor and has a national reputation for excellence.
  • Work program: All international students are provided with a paid on-campus job through the College’s Work Program.
  • Community engagement: The Community Friendship Program connects international students with local families and individuals for cultural exchange.


Admissions Requirements


  • Online application: Submit the Berea College Application for Admission for International Students.
  • Personal essay: A 2-5 page essay addressing educational and life experiences, future plans, and community impact.
  • Secondary school records: Official records, including leaving exam results, translated into English and certified by school officials.
  • Teacher recommendation: One recommendation form or a written recommendation.
  • Financial Resource Recommendation Form: Completed by a school administrator, employer, or religious leader.
  • Official test scores: IELTS, Duolingo, TOEFL, SAT, or ACT scores.


Costs and Financial Aid


  • 100% funding for the first year: Covers tuition, room, board, and fees.
  • Summer jobs: International students can work on campus to contribute to their expenses.
  • Deposit and entrance fee: $2,200 deposit and $50 entrance fee (additional financial aid available if needed).


Career Opportunities


  • Comprehensive career resources: Berea College offers a toolkit for finding jobs and internships.
  • Career development: Opportunities for career growth and exploration.


How to Apply


  • Submit the online application: Open from August 1. Visit their official website by CLICKING HERE 
  • Attend Worldwide Wednesdays: Join virtual information sessions and campus tours.


Join the Berea College Community


Berea College welcomes international students to its vibrant community, offering a unique blend of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and personal growth. Apply now and become part of this exceptional educational experience.