Study in Austria – University of Graz.

Located in the picturesque city of Graz, Austria, the University of Graz is a renowned institution that offers international students an exceptional academic experience. With a rich history dating back to 1585, the university has established itself as a hub for interdisciplinary research, innovation, and cultural diversity.


Why Choose the University of Graz?


  • Academic Excellence: The University of Graz is recognized globally for its academic rigor and excellence, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields.


  • Cultural Diversity: With students from over 100 countries, the university provides a unique cultural experience, fostering global understanding and exchange.


  • Research Opportunities: The university is committed to innovative research, offering international students opportunities to engage in cutting-edge projects and collaborate with renowned faculty members.


  • Language Support: While German is the primary language of instruction, many programs are taught in English, and language support services are available to help international students improve their language skills.


  • Welcome Center: The university’s Welcome Center provides personalized support for international students, assisting with admission, residence permits, and integration into student life.


Admission Requirements


  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate: Equivalent to the Austrian Matura or Abitur.


  • Language Certificates: German language skills at level A2 or C1, depending on the program. English language skills may be required for certain programs.


  • Translations and Legalizations: Official translations and legalizations of documents may be necessary.


  • Additional Requirements: Specific requirements may apply for certain programs, such as aptitude tests or entrance exams.


Application Deadlines


  • Winter Semester 2024/25: July 5, 2024, to September 5, 2024 (Bachelor and diploma programs).


  • Master’s Degree Programs: July 5, 2024, to October 31, 2024.


Tips for International Students


  • Apply Early: Submit your application well in advance to ensure timely processing.

You can apply by CLICKING HERE 

  • Check Documents: Ensure all necessary documents are translated, legalized, and submitted.


  • Language Skills: Improve your German language skills to enhance your academic experience.


  • Contact the Welcome Center: Reach out for personalized support and guidance.


Join the University of Graz Community


The University of Graz offers international students a world-class education, cultural immersion, and lifelong connections. Embrace this exceptional opportunity and become part of a vibrant academic community. Apply now and start your journey in Graz!