Study for Free in The Netherlands – The Orange Knowledge Programme.

The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) is a prestigious scholarship program funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, designed for international students seeking higher education in the Netherlands. This fully-funded scholarship aims to promote capacity building within organizations in 51 countries, providing training and education scholarships through fellowships for professionals.


Scholarship Overview


The Orange Knowledge Programme offers scholarships for:


  • Short courses (duration: 2 weeks to 12 months)
  •  Master’s programs (duration: 12 to 24 months)


Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for the Orange Knowledge Programme, applicants must:


  • Hold the nationality of and be resident and working in one of the countries on the OKP Country list
  •  Work for a national or local organization (ministries, education institutions, universities, private sector, or NGOs)
  •  Meet the language requirements (English or French)
  • Be a professional with relevant work experience and networks
  • Hold a valid identity document
  •  Be admitted to the course or program for which they wish an OKP scholarship
  • Provide a government statement (if required)


Application Process


To apply for the Orange Knowledge Programme, follow these steps:


  • Find a course or master’s program eligible for the scholarship
  •  Contact the Dutch higher education institution offering the course for information on the application process and required documents
  • Prepare your application and supporting documents (passport copy, employer statement, government statement)
  • Submit your online application via the Dutch institution offering the course




The Orange Knowledge Programme scholarship covers:


  •  95% of tuition fees
  • Study materials and handling fees


Priority Themes


The OKP focuses on study programs related to:


  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Security and the Rule of Law
  • Food and Nutrition Security
  • Water Management


Country Focus


Each country has specific focus areas; applicants should check the Country Focus Document to ensure their study program aligns with the priority themes.


Selection Procedure


The selection procedure involves:


  • Registration with the Dutch education institution
  •  Nomination by the institution and submission of the grant application
  •  Eligibility check and assessment by the embassy
  • Selection results announcement (3-4 months after application)




The Orange Knowledge Programme offers a unique opportunity for international students to pursue higher education in the Netherlands, promoting capacity building and knowledge sharing. If you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss this chance to apply for the OKP scholarship and take the first step towards a brighter future.

To Apply for The Orange Knowledge Programme, please CLICK HERE