Denmark Positive List Visa: A Guide to Working in Denmark.

Denmark is facing labor shortages in various industries, and the government has introduced the Positive List visa to attract foreign workers who can fill these gaps. The Positive List visa is a type of work visa that allows foreigners to live and work in Denmark for a specific period. In this article, we will explore the Denmark Positive List visa, its requirements, and the application process.


What is the Positive List?


The Positive List is a list of occupations that are experiencing labor shortages in Denmark. The list is divided into two categories: the Positive List for Highly Educated and the Positive List for Skilled Workers. The Positive List for Highly Educated includes professions that require a higher education degree, such as doctors, engineers, and IT specialists. The Positive List for Skilled Workers includes professions that require a specific set of skills, such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters.


Eligibility Requirements


To be eligible for the Positive List visa, you must meet the following requirements:


  • Have a job offer from a Danish employer in an occupation on the Positive List. You can access Danish visa sponsored jobs by CLICKING HERE 
  • Meet the educational and experience requirements for the occupation
  • Have a written job offer that states your expected salary and employment conditions
  • Meet the language requirements (English and/or Danish)
  • Meet the health insurance requirements


Application Process


The application process for the Positive List visa involves the following steps:


  • Your employer must apply for a work permit on your behalf through the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI)
  • You must provide your employer with the necessary documents, such as your education credentials and work experience
  • If your work permit is approved, you will receive a letter of approval, which you must present to the Danish embassy or consulate in your home country to obtain a residence and work permit
  • Once you have arrived in Denmark, you must register with the Danish Civil Registration System and obtain a CPR number




The Positive List visa offers several benefits, including:


  • A work and residence permit in Denmark
  • The opportunity to work in a country with a high standard of living
  • The opportunity to gain international work experience
  • The possibility of bringing your family to Denmark
  • The possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Denmark




The Denmark Positive List visa is an excellent opportunity for foreigners to live and work in Denmark. With its favorable working conditions and high standard of living, Denmark is an attractive destination for many workers. If you have a job offer in an occupation on the Positive List, you can apply for the Positive List visa and start your journey to working in Denmark. Click here to start your application